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The Elephant Piece
Elephant Piece1

The Elephant Piece

conceived by Al D’Andrea
book, music, lyrics by Darryl Curry

Third Step Theatre Company,
Greenwich Village, NY

“Ionesco meets Greenpeace in this effectively disturbing absurdist eerie, surreal vaudeville song-and-dance-revue...this show sings when at its nastiest.”
   Hester, Downtown Express

“The minstrel show format allows for a real variety of scenes and the company has devised some that are deliciously bizarre...Al D’Andrea’s direction is clean and efficient and packs a powerful punch within a tiny space.”
   Dorothy Chansky, Theatre Week

“Miscreant modernity sings and stomps through the minstrel show cum Clockwork Orange that is The Elephant PIece...the Third Step company has clearly worked long and hard, its passions noble, its performers adept.”
   Biran Parks, The Village Voice



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Elephant in chains

Elephant in Chains

The Hackers

The Hackers

Butch & Mr. Bones

Butch & Mr. Bones

The blind men and the elephant

The Blind Men and the Elephant

Pachy and Darlene

Pachy and Darlene

Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones

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